Why choose WAXLAW?

The WAXLAW team is large enough and experienced enough to be truly national but sufficiently compact and focused to provide personalized boutique service.

Our team has an extraordinary record of achievement in representing business entities from Fortune 500 multinationals through multi-office national IT contractors to start-up family businesses in the broadest range of labor certification, H-1, and L-1 matters.

We have an indisputable track record of success pursuing NIW petitions on behalf of an extraordinarily broad range of people, many of whom had been dissuaded from filing or had gotten unsuccessful results from otherwise competent immigration counsel throughout the country.

The WAXLAW team, under Nathan’s direction, consists of a uniquely talented group of dedicated immigration professionals who bring an impressive assortment of backgrounds and experiences, ranging from museum curatorship through Indian musical performance to biomedical research and science writing to their work on the firm’s cases.

We provide judicious representation of individuals in extraordinary ability and outstanding professor/researcher categories and appropriate counseling of clients whose accomplishments to date establish their eligibility for these categories.

We offer strategic counseling of clients regarding deferred initiation of self-sponsorship, enabling many to significantly augment their eligibility so that they ultimately succeed with NIW or EB-1 petitions.

We counsel research organizations and researchers in scientific and technical fields to enable them to maximally benefit from EB1 and EB2 sponsorship mechanisms

We have represented artists – both acclaimed and emerging -- working in avant garde new media and entertainers ranging from stars of such multinational commercial successes as a Harry Potter film to practitioners of traditional regional musical forms. Indeed, WAXLAW has gained noteworthy expertise in the representation of ethnomusicologically significant musical performers and nontraditional teachers of art forms threatened by the global expansion of commercial media.

While we zealously pursue the representation of our clients, we conscientiously refrain from the pursuit of inappropriate, premature, or unwarranted EB1 and EB2 petitions.

In the course of helping thousands of people become permanent contributors to America and its economy, Nathan has helped to clarify and expand the utilization of immigration mechanisms whose boundaries are not yet clearly defined by regulation or case law – particularly the NIW, Extraordinary Ability, and Outstanding Researcher/Professor categories.

WAXLAW’s fee structure is easily competitive with that of any comparably experienced immigration law practitioner.